Mine is a platform built around specific solutions to specific problems:

  • We have major PFAS contamination sites in this State (the largest of which is right here in Marinette County): We need to reintroduce the CLEAR Act, which will direct the DNR to regulate PFAS contamination in our water. The bill would also give the DNR the additional staff and resources they need to combat PFAS in Wisconsin.

  • We have the looming threat of sulfide mining in northern Wisconsin: We need to repeal Act 134 and reinstate our “Prove it First” sulfide mining law to strengthen environmental protections for metallic sulfide mining.

  • Our hospitals and clinics, especially those in rural Wisconsin, that have been placed under considerable financial stress due to the Covid-19 pandemic: We need to use Federal Medicaid dollars to expand BadgerCare—this will save our taxpayers their hard-earned dollars and also expand insurance coverage to over 180,000 more working people.

  • We have an achievement opportunity gap in our rural schools: We need to restore our commitment to fund at least two-thirds of our K-12 costs. That two-thirds funding is a floor, not a ceiling—many of our rural school districts will need additional support.

  • Wisconsin ranks 36th in the nation for rural broadband access (Marinette County is 70th of 72 counties, Oconto County is 60th, and Brown County is 43rd): We need to support Governor Evers’ recent $200-million budget proposal to expand broadband access across the state.

Every one of these issues should be non-partisan! I will work as hard as I can on both sides of the aisle to see them through.

I am in this race because I believe in standing up for my neighbors. We have seen the consequences of corporate lobbyists representing us in Madison, and it’s time for the people of Wisconsin to have their voices heard.

For a more in-depth look at these issues, please check out my Issues page.

Thanks, and stay safe out there! :-)