Schools Reopening

As the only AD89 candidate with children in our public school system, I stand with the freedom of our schools to make their own reopening decisions based upon the reality of this pandemic and not threats from the politicians who control their funding.

We’ve already seen our WI GOP (and the Trump administration) attempt to strong-arm our schools into in-person only reopening by threatening to withhold or redirect funding. But as we’re learning, schools across the nation that are reopening are experiencing surges in new COVID-19 cases.

From the article: “After teachers returned to plan lessons in Georgia’s largest district, 260 district employees were barred from reentering schools because of either testing positive for the coronavirus or being in close contact with someone who had. In southeast Kansas, six school administrators tested positive after attending a three-day retreat. And within hours of opening, a school in Greenfield, Ind., was informed by the health department that a student had the virus.”

As our schools determine the best way to reopen this fall, they will be faced with increased costs to keep our kids and their staff safe. The health and safety of our children and teachers should never be a partisan issue.

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