Missouri Voters Approve the Federal Medicaid Expansion

Some good news from Missouri! Missouri voters approved the federal Medicaid expansion!

From the article: "Voters on Tuesday made Missouri the 38th state to approve expanding Medicaid health care coverage to thousands more low-income adults.

Support for the constitutional amendment means that as many as 250,000 more adults could choose to be covered by government health insurance beginning in July 2021, according to estimates from the state auditor.”

Our very own Senator Hansen has issued a call for Wisconsin to follow their example and do the same for our citizens. As he has pointed out; in April 2019, 70% of Wisconsin voters supported expanding Medicaid.

Thank you, Senator Hansen, for putting the needs of people first.

It is projected that accepting the federal Medicaid expansion would save WI approximately $2.5-billion over the next decade (not to mention insuring 16% more Wisconsinites), because the federal government would cover the full cost of the program for the first few years, and then cover 90% (or roughly $185-million a year) of the cost thereafter (currently, they pay about 60%).

Over and over again, our current Representative and his party in the Legislature have denied 180,000 Wisconsin citizens an expansion of Medicaid that would give our hardworking, lower wage workers health insurance and save our taxpayers over $185-million per year. This is not only bad policy to deny health insurance to working people, but it is fiscally irresponsible!

When I am in office, I will fight to protect and expand health care coverage.

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