GOP Threatens the Mask Mandate #2

I am disappointed to see our current 89th Assembly District Representative, John Nygren, getting ready to fight Wisconsin’s mask order.

From the article: “State Rep. John Nygren says Republicans are ready to fight Governor Tony Evers' statewide mask order.

"The interpretation comes down to is it about the mask mandate or is it about the overstep of government," Nygren said. "Is it constitutional for government to say you must do this?"

The Republican lawmakers say there isn't a date yet for when the legislature might convene to try to overturn the mandate. However, they said they expect it to happen soon.”

The basic function of our state government is to protect our citizens’ health and safety. The GOP-led Legislature has not met since April, despite calls by Democratic members to take up legislation related to COVID-19, police procedures and unemployment benefits, but now they’re threatening to meet simply to overturn a public health order that will slow the spread of COVID-19. Republicans have filed more lawsuits than they have passed bills to help Wisconsin workers, families, farmers, and small businesses during this pandemic.

What’s next, are they going to try to have seatbelt laws overturned because they’re an “overstep of government”?

The Wisconsin GOP owns this pandemic— the responsibility for every new case of this virus rests squarely in their hands.

Politics shouldn’t be an Us-against-Them team sport—November 3 is fast approaching, and it’s time Wisconsin elects leaders who will work together to put the health and safety of our people first.

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