GOP Pressures School to Reopen

Last week, Republican members of the Assembly sent a letter to school superintendents throughout our state. The letter strongly pressures school districts to force students to attend school in-person. It was signed by 47 of the 63 GOP legislators who control their funding.

Why are my opponent, John Nygren, and his colleagues pressuring schools across Wisconsin to re-open in person? As the only AD89 candidate with children in our public school system, I stand with the freedom of our schools to make their own decisions based upon the reality of this pandemic and not threats from the politicians who control their funding.

From the article: “A still unknown number of school superintendents across Wisconsin are receiving a letter from top Assembly Republicans – the people who control the purse strings to state education funds – strongly urging them to consider reopening their schools rather than opting for virtual learning this fall, according to a copy of the letter obtained by UpNorthNews.

“‘It is a transparent power grab by Robin Vos and the Republicans,’ said [Sondy] Pope, who also serves on the Assembly Education Committee. ‘They are risking the health of staff and students in order to pretend the pandemic is taken care of in the same vein as Donald Trump.’”

As our schools determine the best way to reopen this fall, they will be faced with increased costs to keep our kids and their staff safe. The health and safety of our children and teachers should never be a partisan issue. I will always put our kids and our schools first.

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