August Primary Results

Now that the August 11th Primary is over I’ve been thinking about what we might learn from it.

First, despite a vigorous, grassroots campaign based on environmental issues, Andi Rich was unable to overcome the influence Big Business and extreme conservativism have on the 89th Assembly District. Ms. Rich tried to offer a Republican alternative that embraced clean water and sound environmental protection, and for that I applaud her.

Second, there is now only one candidate who will fight for clean drinking water and your health and safety on the November 3rd ballot. We cannot allow Big Business to continue to poison our air, land, and water in the name of short-term economic gain while damaging the long-term health and safety of our citizens, our environment, and our economy. I will put people ahead of political party and the environment ahead of corporate polluters to represent you in the State Legislature.

I’m not a professional politician—I’m a working dad and I’m running for this office to improve the lives of my neighbors and to build Northeast Wisconsin back into a place where my children will want to stay to raise their own families.

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