Another Blow to PFAS Regulation in WI

“Despite their danger to public health, PFAS remain unregulated in Wisconsin.”

Once again, big business in Wisconsin prevails over our own health and safety:

From the article: “A decision by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Board Wednesday to delay temporary regulations on the use and storage of firefighting foam containing hazardous compounds known as PFAS is a sign of big business interests winning out over the environment, environmental organizations said.

“Citing concerns expressed by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and other pro-business organizations, the board voted unanimously to table a rule that would have set guidelines for containment and disposal of the substances known as “forever chemicals.” PFAS have been linked to cancer and other illnesses.”

Dealing with PFAS contamination needs to be a top priority for our State. We must hold JCI/Tyco, the responsible party, accountable for their actions. We need a concrete, comprehensive solution to this problem. I strongly support the CLEAR Act, which would direct the DNR to set Health Advisory Levels for PFAS in groundwater, surface water, and drinking water. The bill would also expand the number of PFAS chemicals regulated by the State, and give the DNR additional staff and resources to combat PFAS.

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