A+ Rating from Wisconsin NORML

I am proud to be the only candidate for the 89th Assembly District to receive an A+ rating from Wisconsin NORML.


Another Blow to PFAS Regulation in WI

“Despite their danger to public health, PFAS remain unregulated in Wisconsin.”

Once again, big business in Wisconsin prevails over our own health and safety:


What's wrong with this picture?

In it, we see a 4-foot-long John Nygren campaign sign in the yard of one of JCI/Tyco’s senior managers.

I don't fault JCI/Tyco's corporate management for knowing who their friend is—but I do fault Rep. Nygren for asking JCI/Tyco's senior management for political favors when he should instead be working to hold them accountable for our PFAS contamination crisis.


August Primary Results

Now that the August 11th Primary is over I’ve been thinking about what we might learn from it.


Happy Election Day!

Wisconsin voters requested over 900,000 absentee ballots for today’s primary!


The EPA Visits Marinette

On August 11th, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler made a special trip to Marinette to announce that, after 30 years of pollution cleanup, the lower Menominee River has been removed from a list of the 43 most polluted places on the Great Lakes.


Updated WI COVID-19 Numbers

On Saturday, 1,165 people tested positive for COVID-19 in Wisconsin, another single-day record. And on Sunday, we passed 60,000 confirmed cases (395 in Marinette County, 248 in Oconto County, and 4,264 in Brown County).


Mask Mandate

As our WI GOP “stands ready” to return from their 110-plus day vacation to kill Governor Evers’ statewide mask mandate, a recent poll shows that voters across the country overwhelming support a mask mandate.


Schools Reopening

As the only AD89 candidate with children in our public school system, I stand with the freedom of our schools to make their own reopening decisions based upon the reality of this pandemic and not threats from the politicians who control their funding.


Voting Rights Act

55 years ago today, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed into law.


Get to Know me #1

Do I have any hobbies? Mostly reading books and riding bikes with my kiddos. When I do have a little free time, I build tube guitar amplifiers at a work bench in my basement.

This particular model is loosely based around the 1950s Fender 5F2A topology. I build my own circuit boards on that perforated glass epoxy turret board and source components from a few different places around the web.

I’m sorry to say I don’t have any completed amps to show off, but I’ve given them away to friends, sold them, or traded them all for other gear. This one is a keeper for me though, so I am looking forward to finishing it up!


Another Bike Delivery

Three more yard signs delivered in a 12-mile loop near my house.

Thank you very much to everyone who has requested a sign already - I appreciate all the support!


GOP Pressures School to Reopen

Last week, Republican members of the Assembly sent a letter to school superintendents throughout our state. The letter strongly pressures school districts to force students to attend school in-person. It was signed by 47 of the 63 GOP legislators who control their funding.


Missouri Voters Approve the Federal Medicaid Expansion

Some good news from Missouri! Missouri voters approved the federal Medicaid expansion!


WEAC Endorsement

I am extremely proud to be the only candidate in Assembly District 89 to earn the endorsement of WEAC, the Wisconsin Education Association Council.


GOP Threatens the Mask Mandate #2

I am disappointed to see our current 89th Assembly District Representative, John Nygren, getting ready to fight Wisconsin’s mask order.


Bike Rides

Because I work all week, I really look forward to our long family bikes rides on Saturday mornings.

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