Spill at the JCI/Tyco Facility

The Wisconsin DNR has reported a contaminated groundwater spill at the JCI/Tyco Stanton Street facility in Marinette, WI. As reported on July 27th, the spill contained PFAS and arsenic contaminated groundwater. The spill entered storm sewer drains, which flow directly into the Menominee River.

The JCI/Tyco Stanton Street facility is part of the third largest PFAS contamination investigation in the Country. However, this cancer-causing poison threatens residents well beyond the immediate area of Marinette and Peshtigo. Assembly District 89 has approximately 50 miles of shoreline on the Bay of Green Bay, from the City of Marinette to the Village of Howard. This shoreline is the third-longest stretch of coastline in a Wisconsin Assembly district, so this spill that went straight into the Menominee River jeopardizes the environment and residents of all three counties that make up District 89.

Representative John Nygren hasn’t done enough to protect this vital natural resource in our District. In fact, he hasn’t really tried. Representative Nygren has a history of promising to do one thing and then doing another while the people of Northeast Wisconsin are faced with a PFAS contamination crisis of national significance. He refused to sign on to the CLEAR Act (SB302/AB321), or even support, at the behest of his Party leaders, a separate, bi-partisan, compromise piece of legislation that he co-authored (AB842/843). Instead, he supported a last-minute, lobbyist-written amendment that shifted responsibility for the contamination away from the polluters and on to local communities and taxpayers.

Every Wisconsin resident should have access to clean, safe water. We need to be stewards of Wisconsin’s environment and protect our natural resources—clean water, land, and air are essential to our economy, health, and way of life in Wisconsin. The Tyco/JCI spill is just the latest example of what’s at stake and why we need a Representative in Madison who will stand up for the people of Wisconsin. We cannot allow Big Business to poison our air and water in the name of short-term economic gain while damaging the long-term health and safety of our citizens, our environment, and our economy.

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