New Mask Mandate

Governor Tony Evers has declared an Emergency Order requiring individuals to wear face coverings when indoors and not in a private residence, with some exceptions, starting Saturday, August 1, and running through September 28, 2020. As reported, this order will most likely face legal challenges from Republicans.

We can’t pretend our way out of this pandemic—we’re all in the together and we need to start behaving that way. The science is irrefutable: wearing a mask helps contain COVID-19. Wearing a mask is about more than protecting your own health—by wearing a mask, you’re helping protect our frontline healthcare workers, small business owners, essential workers, first responders, and our most vulnerable citizens.

Unfortunately, the previous state-wide order to wear a mask resulted in a GOP-led lawsuit against the Governor and resulted in thousands of new, preventable virus cases and millions of taxpayer dollars being spent frivolously on out-of-state attorneys. The Wisconsin GOP owns this pandemic.

Our economy and our people can’t afford more of this party-line politics. We need leaders who collaborate with their colleagues to solve the problems at hand. We need our elected leaders to put #PeopleFirst. I am in this race because I believe in standing up for my neighbors. When elected, I will put people first and represent your needs.

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