More Than $160 Million in Transportation Aid Announced for the State

Sufficient funding to maintain local roads and improve road safety is an important part of economic development in our state. Many Towns, Villages and County Boards are unable to make needed repairs to rural roads, bridges and public infrastructure as a result of Republican budget cuts and limits on local control.

As an elected Supervisor on the Marinette County Board, and a member of the County Infrastructure Committee, I spend a lot time talking to people about roads and ditches. Record-high water levels have been particularly hard on our roads this year, and COVID-19-related revenue shortfalls are putting our local governments in the difficult position of having to choose between or even if to complete scheduled road repairs.

I am very excited to see that Gov. Tony Evers and Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary-designee Craig Thompson announced more than $160 million in transportation aid for local governments as part of the governor’s 2019-21 biennial budget. Local governments will receive quarterly payments this week totaling $160,249,246 for General Transportation Aids (GTA), Connecting Highway Aids and Expressway Policing Aids from the WisDOT.

From the article:

“As our economy continues to recover from the effects of this pandemic, it is critically important for us to invest in our state’s infrastructure,” Gov. Evers said. “After years of neglecting our roads and bridges, The People’s Budget made historic new investments to provide the 21st-century transportation system we need in order to thrive.

Payments to Wisconsin’s 1,850 villages, towns, and cities include:

$156,977,397 in General Transportation Aids;

$3,015,875 to municipalities eligible to receive Connecting Highway Aids; and

255,975 to Milwaukee County for Expressway Policing Aids.

Quarterly payments for cities, towns, and villages are sent the first Monday in January, April, July, and October. County payments are made in three installments, with 25 percent of the total annual payment on the first Monday in January; 50 percent on the first Monday in July; and 25 percent on the first Monday in October.”

Full list of local payments:

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