GOP Threatens the Mask Mandate

The Wisconsin GOP has thus far refused to do anything to address the COVID-19 pandemic, but are now threatening to block a measure that would protect our public health. This is unconscionable and shameful. Acting to undermine public health like this will cost lives. The Wisconsin GOP owns this pandemic— the responsibility for every new case of this virus rests squarely in their hands.

From the article: "The GOP-led Legislature has not met since April, despite calls by Democratic members to take up legislation related to COVID-19, police procedures and unemployment benefits.

On Thursday, Evers said it would be 'a sad commentary for all of us' if Republicans convened to strike down the mask order."

Politics shouldn’t be an Us-against-Them team sport—November 3 is fast approaching, and it’s time Wisconsin elects leaders who will work together to put the health and safety of our people first.

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