COVID-19 Cases

Today was another record-setting day for new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin, with 754. (The previous one-day record was 738 on 07/04/2020, and before that it was 733 on 05/09/2020).

The science is irrefutable: wearing a mask helps contain COVID-19. Wearing a mask is about more than protecting your own health—by wearing a mask, you’re helping protect our frontline healthcare workers, small business owners, essential workers, first responders, and our most vulnerable citizens.

Unfortunately, as we have seen, any state-wide order to wear a mask will just result in more GOP-led lawsuits against the Governor and millions of taxpayer dollars being spent frivolously on out-of-state attorneys.

Our economy and our people can’t afford more of this party-line politics. We need leaders who collaborate with their colleagues to solve the problems at hand. We need our elected leaders to put #PeopleFirst. I am in this race because I believe in standing up for my neighbors. When elected, I will put people first and represent your needs.

You can find more about Wisconsin’s COVID-19 activity level in your county and which regions are classified as high, medium, or low activity levels for disease spread at

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