Senator Hansen on the Mask Mandate

I wear a mask because I don't know if I'm a carrier – I may be asymptomatic or presymptomatic. If I am, I don't want to risk spreading the virus to any of our essential employees or vulnerable populations.

Thank you to Senator Dave Hansen for his leadership on this.


GOP Threatens the Mask Mandate

The Wisconsin GOP has thus far refused to do anything to address the COVID-19 pandemic, but are now threatening to block a measure that would protect our public health. This is unconscionable and shameful. Acting to undermine public health like this will cost lives. The Wisconsin GOP owns this pandemic— the responsibility for every new case of this virus rests squarely in their hands.


Don't Postpone the November Election

Voter equity is extremely important to me. Voting is a fundamental right—our democracy is strongest when everyone is allowed to participate in free, open, and fair elections. We need to do everything we can to provide safe, reasonable, and fair access, and we need to ensure that every vote is counted.

Five states currently conduct elections entirely by mail—Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah.

Voting by mail is safe, secure and should be encouraged.


New Mask Mandate

Governor Tony Evers has declared an Emergency Order requiring individuals to wear face coverings when indoors and not in a private residence, with some exceptions, starting Saturday, August 1, and running through September 28, 2020. As reported, this order will most likely face legal challenges from Republicans.


Sign Delivery #3

If you live near me, I even do sign delivery by bike! Haven't lost one yet...


Sierra Club Endorsement

I am very proud to be the only candidate in Assembly District 89 to earn the endorsement of the Sierra Club!


Spill at the JCI/Tyco Facility

The Wisconsin DNR has reported a contaminated groundwater spill at the JCI/Tyco Stanton Street facility in Marinette, WI. As reported on July 27th, the spill contained PFAS and arsenic contaminated groundwater. The spill entered storm sewer drains, which flow directly into the Menominee River.


For the Kids

Like most parents, I wish my kiddos could stay small forever, but I do really enjoy that they are both big enough to go on long family bike rides now.


Fair Districts Pledge

Voting is a fundamental right—our democracy is strongest when everyone is allowed to participate in free, open, and fair elections.

Today, I took the National Democratic Redistricting Committee's pledge to support fair districts and end manipulation. I stand with the NDRC and Eric Holder—now is the time to end gerrymandering because politicians shouldn't pick their voters, voters should choose their representatives.


Broadband Access

Every resident should have access to secure, open, reliable internet access regardless of whether they live in rural or urban Wisconsin. It is essential for a 21st Century economy.


Voting for our Environment

In a Facebook campaign post on 07/17/2020, our current 89th Assembly District Representative, John Nygren, claimed he will “work hard to do what’s best and will continue to do so on all issues including water contamination.” I would like to take a minute to address that claim, as his voting history clearly shows otherwise. In fact, Representative Nygren received a higher rating from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (100%) than he did from Wisconsin Conservation Voters (0%) and Wisconsin’s chapter of the Sierra Club (0%) for 2017-18 legislative session.


Wisconsin Conservation Voters Endorsement

I am extremely proud to be endorsed by Wisconsin Conservation Voters! I am committed to clean water, clean energy, and a safe and equitable democracy. When elected, I look forward to working with our State’s conservation voters!


Sign Delivery Day #2

I had another enjoyable evening of delivering yard signs! Thank you very much for all the kind words, encouragement, and support.


The People's Maps Commission

Voting is a fundamental right—our democracy is strongest when everyone is allowed to participate in free, open, and fair elections.


WI GOP Convention

I said it last week, and I’ll say it again: We can’t pretend our way out of this pandemic—we’re all in the together and we need to start behaving that way.


Sign Delivery Day #1

I had a great day delivering yard signs today!


Yard Signs Are In!

I am very excited to announce that my union-made yard signs are in!


COVID-19 Cases

Today was another record-setting day for new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin, with 754. (The previous one-day record was 738 on 07/04/2020, and before that it was 733 on 05/09/2020).


More Than $160 Million in Transportation Aid Announced for the State

Sufficient funding to maintain local roads and improve road safety is an important part of economic development in our state. Many Towns, Villages and County Boards are unable to make needed repairs to rural roads, bridges and public infrastructure as a result of Republican budget cuts and limits on local control.


State GOP Holding Convention in Hot Spot

In another show of reckless disregard for the health and safety of our Wisconsin friends, neighbors, and essential workers, the Wisconsin Republican Party insists on holding their in-person state convention in Green Bay this week.


Wisconsin Marks Independence Day With Single Day Record Of 738 New COVID-19 Cases

Wisconsin’s rate of positive COVID-19 rates nearly doubled yesterday, when we set a one-day record of 738 new cases (the second-highest number of cases in a single day occurred on May 29, with 733 cases).


Happy Independence Day!

Please celebrate responsibly and stay safe in the heat.


Voter Registration Info Event

Last week when the President was in town the Marinette County Democratic Party held a pro-BLM/pro-Biden voter registration info event.


Expanded Health Care Follow-up

A quick follow-up on my post from June 29:

Oklahoma voters approved the federal Medicaid expansion!

From the article: "Voters are tired of politicians ignoring the problem or worse, trying to take their healthcare away, and they're rejecting that approach in even the deepest of red states"

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