Voting by mail is safe, secure and should be encouraged.

Our democracy is strongest when everyone is allowed to participate in free, open, and fair elections.

At 5:45PM yesterday evening, Republicans in the State Assembly were circulating a letter in an attempt to stop the Wisconsin Elections Commission from mailing out absentee ballot request forms. This is yet another blatant attempt at voter suppression by the GOP. Public health officials recommend absentee voting as one of the most effective ways to make voting safer amid the spread of Covid-19. Wisconsin should encourage voting by mail, not hinder it.

The WEC is holding a special meeting today, June 17, 2020 from 2:00-3:00PM “for the purpose of discussing and approving a mailer to voters for the Fall 2020 General Election.”

Briefly, the WEC is planning to mail approximately 2.7 million absentee ballot request forms to Wisconsinites to make it easier for every citizen to request an absentee ballot should they feel safer voting that way. Republicans in the State Assembly are trying to prevent this from happening to force in-person voting in August and November because they are afraid that more voter participation will hurt their chances of winning. That is shameful—our elected leaders should be putting the safety of our citizens before the fears of their political party.

Voting by mail is safe, secure and should be encouraged.

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