JCI/Tyco Refuses Regulators' Demands To Test More Wells For PFAS

For those of you impacted by or concerned about the JCI/Tyco PFAS contamination in Marinette County: as of Monday, June 1 2020, JCI/Tyco has refused to test the potable water wells in the expanded plume, as directed by the Wisconsin DNR in February 2020.

For the time being, anyone who would like to have their water tested for PFAS contamination will have to pay for it out of their own pocket.

Please see the attached article for details on the ongoing investigation.

Our Assembly had a real opportunity to do something about PFAS contamination in Wisconsin and to provide resources to help our communities cope with contamination with the bipartisan Bill AB-842/843, but they refused to even bring the Bill to the Floor of the House for a vote.

Every Wisconsin resident deserves clean, safe drinking water. We need our Legislature to put the health and safety of our citizens before the financial interests of multinational corporations. We need our Legislature to put People First

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