Follow-Up to the President's Visit

I did a brief interview with the Washington Post regarding the President’s visit to Marinette Marine.

Excerpt and link to the full article:

“Of the people I talked to, a lot of them are giving [Trump] credit” for the shipyard contract, said Karl Jaeger, a Democrat on the Marinette County Board of Supervisors. “It brings jobs in, it brings money in. On the local Facebook groups, there’s a lot of talk about it and people really do think he is responsible.”

Jaeger and other Democrats think Trump is overstating his role in securing the deals. Wisconsin’s congressional delegation, including Baldwin, have for years fought for long-term contracts for the shipyard. The Saudi arms deal was cleared by Congress in 2015, under the Obama administration, although it took four more years to arrive at an agreement specifically for the Marinette plant. The White House is not supposed to interfere with the Navy’s contracting process, especially for political reasons.”

Let’s get something straight—President Trump didn’t chose Fincantieri Marinette Marine to build anything; the Navy did. And President Trump didn’t decide that a new FFG (x) class of ships was needed; the Navy did--and the Navy did that in 2016 while President Obama was still in office. Trump just happened to be in office when the Navy made their choice and announced the contract. To go back even further; in his first budget of 2017, President Trump cut the Navy’s shipbuilding budget to below what it was under President Obama

Thank you to the hard working employees of Marinette Marine who have proven to the Navy that they can build world-class Naval vessels and the engineers who came up with right design to fit the Navy’s requirements. And thank you to our taxpayers because it is our money that will pay for these ships.

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