Accountability and Transparency in Policing in Wisconsin

Our communities are strongest when all individuals are treated fairly and have equal justice under the law.

Today, Governor Evers and Lt. Governor Barnes released a package of bills to increase accountability and transparency in policing in Wisconsin and to invest in community programs that focus on violence interruption.

From the press release:

“Wisconsin is consistently ranked one of the worst states in the country for racial disparities, from infant mortality to child poverty, educational attainment to employment, and homeownership to incarceration.

We continue to lose far too many Black lives, be it from inequities in criminal justice and policing, in health care, or in economic well-being,” said Lt. Gov. Barnes. “The social and economic consequences of these deep-seated inequities reach every community in our state and eliminating them will require action at every level of government. Passing these bills is one piece of how we move closer to accountability, equity, and justice for all.”

This is only a first step in addressing racial disparity in Wisconsin—but it’s an important step in the right direction.

Full details of the bills here:

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